Brief History of Management colleges of India

Top management colleges in India are providing huge boost in management education in India. Especially last decade witnessed birth of huge number top MBA colleges in India, top management colleges or Top Business schools in India. The history of management education in top MBA colleges in India is not too new in this part of the world as the 21st century India witnessed a sea change in its educational system. Process of globalization not only transformed traditional approach of the system with a more efficient professional approach; but also introduced new age courses which have more economic value in today’s’ time . The Andhra University aided management college in India was the first to start a full time management program in the way back 1957. The All India Institute of Management and Social Welfare, Kolkata and Delhi University then followed it in 1958. It is in 1960 when the foundation of the first Indian Institute of Management in Ahemedabad is laid. Since then India has witnessed a gradual growth in this sphere of education. Most of the management College provides education in India is in the form of MBA(Master of Business Administration) and in PGDM(post Graduate Diploma in Management) or PGDBM(Post graduate Diploma in business Management) and they are available at fulltime, part time, distant or online mode. Presently there are more than 1000 top management colleges exists across the India and many among them like Indian Institute of Management(IIM) are counted among the best of the world. India’s entry in the globalization process also acted like a catalyst in this management education boom. Because of the increasing number of global and Indian multinationals, trained management graduates are in demand and this demand too actively fuelling the interest of more number of students every day. In response of this growing demand, private sector also entered in Indian management scenario and invested a hefty amount for this. A large number of private management colleges along with government aided management colleges is coming into existence now also. Apart from IIMs’ some of the private Business Schools are also among the Top Business Schools of the world too. Management colleges like Jamnalal Bajaj Inst. of Mgmt. (Mumbai), MDI (Gurgaon), FMS (New Delhi), IISWBM (Calcutta) or MICA (Ahmedabad) are well known management colleges across Asia pacific. Top Business Schools are providing a wide range of courses in the business field and admission in these colleges is possible through different management entrances like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP and ATMA.

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