Group Discussion in Management Entrance Examination

Group discussion (GD) is also an important part of MBA Entrance Exam. After clearing common exams such as CAT, MAT etc, students have to clear GD round too. This is a discussion by a group people where they exchange their thoughts and ideas. In this discussion, a candidate has to convey his thoughts satisfactorily and convincingly before a group of people.

1. Preparation for Group Speaking: – In the group discussion, one has to provide his ideas on the particular given topic before a group of people. In this regard, you should start reading aloud from a book or newspapers to enhance your fluency, tone of voice and articulation. Do some discussions in your friend circles. This may help you in doing discussions with others. After that, you can also join some competitive groups.

2. Preparation for Group Content: – For the preparation for content, you have to pick about 6 – 7 current affair topics and do research on them. An individual should understand the event from different perspectives such as personal, social, political, cultural, academic etc. One should remember some important facts and figures of the topic. You should also read good newspapers such as Sunday Express, the Mint, Business Standard and many more.

3. Preparation for Group Listening: – One of the crucial parts of group discussion is listening. A good listener can summarize discussions in a well manner. In this way, he can get good score by presenting a good case over an idea provided by other participants. So it is necessary that one should do some kind of listening exercises for the discussions.

In other words, Group discussion is an ideal way to test one’s personality. Therefore, an individual should talk with other candidates with respect. You have the right to give your opinion over the topic. But you should not disagree with the person. However you can disagree with his point. To summarize, one should keep in mind all these things, when one is going for the GD preparation.

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